Tuesday, May 5, 2009

White Row

Well I moved into my new apartment on "White Row". It's covered in the cheep 70's fake wood walls, my room smells like cat pee, and my neighbors beat each other up. BUT! we have a sweet huge T.V and lots of comfy couch space. I live literally a 4 min walk from the hotel but I have been warned to never walk home. So I wont. taxi's 4 min away might seem silly but I'm not willing to take the chance to get jumped. I never felt more like a minority in my life. I almost feel marked here for one being a female and for two being Caucasian. Don't get me wrong I don't think all Iqaluit is out to get me or anything haha, there are a lot of very nice locals including some of which I work with. But I still can't help but feel like a target.
Anyways, I had to walk to work today up the steepest most slippery hill of life and I sliped and almost feel and zipping by me were the chuckles of a local on a skidoo..thats right, laugh at the so obvious out of towner :P I might have grown up in rural Newfoundland, but I'm such a city girl.
Right now I'm sitting at the carabrew cafe and I'm an hr early for work..(I have been deemed "keener" by my boss)..and I'm getting ready to do 70 check ins, count cigs, calling cards, and cash, change shifts, put away keys, witness cash drops, print in house by room reports, print and prepare the full house arrivals for tomorrow (blah), send confirmation letters, do wake up calls, check in house guests for payments, phone limits, room charges, and dining room reports, do bucket check(blah) and then go home and sleep sleep sleep!
I hope everyone back home is doing well and they keep me updated on the news so I'm not out of the loop all together.
I'll post some pics of my apartment soon too...it's such a peace of shit..haha


  1. your job sounds great. i'm a little jealous... my favourite job i ever had was as a front desk clerk at a hotel. i can't wait to see your place =]

  2. you worked front desk? never knew.

  3. yeah in alberta, like 5 years ago. was good time, lol

  4. I get to work at the Video Shack in Arctic Ventures. Yay. Listen to music and watch movies all day long.

    And yeah, walking home alone isn't a good thing. I would carry a knife. Seriously.