Saturday, May 2, 2009

First Day

Today I woke up and went for a walk around the town and it was so small it only took me and hour. I went into the local grocery stores just to have a look at the prices of food and such and I came to the conclusion that I will never afford it. I bought a box of Nutri-Grain bars and a case of pepsi and I paid 35.00 for it! The cost of living up here is insane. So, It looks like I will be walking in the snow for free hotel food bcs I aint paying all that money for it.
When I came back I had dinner with a couple of the girls who are signing their second year contracts. They were really nice to me and one of the girls are going to be my roommate starting tomorrow. I will also be living with a girl Sarah who I havnt really gotten the chance to talk to much yet.
After Dinner I got ready for work. And let me tell you It was a very interesting night. Mike trained me all night and the work is not hard, I just have to get use to some of the paperwork and the computer system. In the hotel there are a bunch of businesses and a bar and movie theater are two of the many. It's Sat. night and the lobby was packed the whole night with teenagers and drunks. The cops were called three times. Some guy tried to smash out the windows. A woman was crying hysterically in the lobby drunk. Another guy decided he wanted to smoke was a wild night. During all this, I'm trying to make reservations with people on the phone..haha...
But tomorrow I move from the hotel into my puke green ghetto apartment with my new roomies and It's brunch day (apparently a day to look forward too) ;)....
I love it here so sarcasm I actually like it.

A note left to me by a co-worker that says: "Amanda, these (scarfs) are washed and STD free" ;P
Box of bars and pepsi= 35.00!!mmm..Dinner


  1. Ah the Storehouse! When I first came through Iqaluit in 2003 the Storehouse was being renovated extensively. I was told that back in the good old days the place had some sort of dirt or gravel floor and it was a hundred times crazier than it is now (which I still have trouble imagining even after all this time).

    Those prices seem quite reasonable compared to what I'm used to seeing. I bought a case of Pepsi last week and I think I paid $20-something dollars. I tend to ignore the prices if I helps dull the pain.

  2. I never get tired of the first "Oh my God, I just went to the supermarket and paid $XX.XX for XX, this place is insane" post. It's a tradition of all new Nunavut bloggers.

    Welcome to the community.

  3. That's excellent that you're liking it up there. I almost pissed myself though with the $35 bucks you paid. Are you insane girl? It's freakin' pepsi?!?!

    Love you!

  4. :P I'm such a Nunavut Newbie.
    I havn't been to the storhouse yet but I'm going soon. Should be fun!