Friday, May 22, 2009

PolarMan and Payday

I was walking to work today and I notice something fly inches away from my head. I look up and there were two little boys throwing rocks at me! I turned towards them and to thier surprise I yelled at them "DONT FLICK ROCKS AT ME!" they looked like they were going to piss temselfs..haha Then I continued to walk..walked pass PolarMan who later shows up at work to see the movie startreak and ingages in an intense conversation on how the Green Goblins mask was horrible in the Spiderman movies. He halled out his photo album that has pic of him in his superhero getup with the teletubies, Santaclause and then other pics of him with his imfumose shuvel. He also showed me a pics of his pet rats. Back to my walk to work...I met up with Mosha. A local who I think has a crush on me, or just really needs a friend. I met him on mothers day and found out that his mother is dead and his Dad doesn't really have anything to do with him. A scenario way too common up here. He said he made me a carving of a polarbear. He's a harmless guy who spends hrs loitering in the Frob Lobby. haha..
So then I arived at work and got all my work done in a couple of hrs. But guess what? Today Is a sweet day...why?
I can finally get a phone and some rubber boots.
So my choices in female rubber boots are ugly blue plad or animal print..haha.. I think I'm going with the animal print...wear some fishnets and a mini skirt with them..;P j/k!
It's going to be nice to be able to relax from her on out:)


  1. You joke when you mention the rubber boots, fishnets and mini-skirt. Alas, I have seen this. For good or ill, Iqaluit is not noted as a city of high fashion.

  2. I like to call it dumpster Iqaluit Sheak :)