Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Apartment

Leah-Anne's room

Our awesome T.V

Sarah's Room
The gateway to hell..the closet in my room:)

My ugly room! I'm talking my boss into letting me paint it:)


  1. A friend of my advises that you start looking into the house sitting circuit. There are always people in town who need someone to look after their place when they're travelling (vacation, duty travel) and you might find it more comfortable than living in a White Row house.

    It's pretty common in town. You might want to look into it.

  2. i wonder whey they put you up in the white row? closer to work maybe and yes that is bad fake 70s we lived there before but ours were white walls..

  3. Wow, it seems your apartment has a woody theme! Everything looks so natural. The furniture in your living room should've been made from wood too! It's actually warm and comforting. Btw, your room isn't ugly. Painting it is the best way to make it look even better. Did you just move into that apartment when you took those photos?

    Chad Lewis