Friday, May 15, 2009

Slow Day Snow Day

Today was a clod and windy one. Woke up to the house windows shaking and I was not wanting to get up. I was so very cumfy and the thought of getting out of my warm bed to go out in the cold wasn't apealing. I got up and hopped in a taxi and was on my way to the Frob. As soon as I arived poor pregnant Carmen was up to her eyeballs with paperwork and check-ins and then it went DEAD.... I got an angry phone call from a jerk, got hit on by Steve again. He is a guy who NEVER remembers me and he gets drunk introduces himself a million times and then tells me he thinks I'm "Pretty hot ya know"..freak...was called a bitch today by a drunk local...but that's about all that happend. Oh! and Polar man was here to watch a movie so he was hanging out in the loby...For those of you who don'tknow who Polarman is here is a link..

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