Sunday, May 10, 2009


I feel like such a tool for getting so upset the other day. I think I was just really homesick but It's out of my system and I'm actually looking forward to the rest of the year!

Things I like about Iqaluit so far...

1) My Job- I absolutly love my job. I enjoy going to work everyday. I like the staff a lot. My manager (Paul) is really great. He's very upbeat and I like that.

2)My Apartment- I might have to sleep on the couch for now, BUT my roomies are great. I don't live in a party house. It's nice and quit...except for random livingroom dancing in the middle of the night in pj's and heals..haha

3)Something New- It's a new experence. and If you know me at all you know I get bored and need knew experences to keep me somewhat sane:) Dog sledding, sight seeing, ect..should be fun

4)I can pay off a lot of student loan debt- 12 thous. If my calculatons are correct.


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